Manufacturing and Technology

Following are our manufacturing technologys, services, solutions we can offer to our customers

techceramic machining (2)
Ceramic Machining

Ceramic Machining

TechCeramic offers custom precision ceramic machining and grinding services with tight tolerances, 4-axis and 5-axis machining centers are available for the high-precision machining of the most complex parts.

techceramic ceramic metallization
Ceramic Metallization

Metalized Alumina Ceramics

TechCeramic supplies 95% alumina ceramic metalized insulators, electrode plug metalized products and other metalized ceramic parts which are widely used in civil and military industries such as semiconductor, laser, medical, communications, aviation, aerospace, chemical, electrical appliances, etc.

Ceramic Injection Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding

TechCeramic have materials such as Alumina, Zirconia or Silicon Nitride ceramic which can be injection molded. CIM is used to making precision parts that can not be done by machining. We also have the ability to produce according to clients’ drawing.

3d printing SIC
3D Printed Silicon Carbide

3D Printing Ceramic Parts

We provide 3D printed silicon carbide parts with complex structure or large size, these parts have high temperature resistance, good wear resistance, good resistance to acide and alkali. 3D printed SiC parts can replace conventional materials such as metal, plastic and rubber to improve product performance and reduce costs.