Silicon Carbide Membranes


TecMemTM is the next generation of liquid microfiltration, made from multi layers of recrystallized silicon carbide. The porous carrier, transition and membrane layers are all made of 99% SiC, been consolidated after sintered at 2200℃.

SiC membranes with various pore sizes have been used to filter different types of produced water. For synthetic produced water and produced water from both conventional and unconventional wells, the SiC membrane was found to be effective in removing suspended solids, bacteria and oil. Compared to current technologies for treating wastewater from oil and gas exploration and production, SiC membranes are expected to achieve a smaller footprint, an overall more compact system and reduced chemical usage. These advantages also make SiC membranes attractive for other water treatment applications such as swimming pools.

Main Features

  • Good chemical stability, strong acid and alkali resistance, can be cleaned with any organic solvent
  • Good thermal stability, resistant to shock, working stably in high temperature environment
  • High porosity >45%, high permeate flux
  • Separate oil and water efficiently
  • High bonding strength, good wear resistance, long service life

Multilayer RSiC Membranes

Good balance between retention efficiency and permeate flux

SiC membrane SEM-1
Microporous Support Layer
SiC membrane SEM-2
Transition Layer
SiC membrane SEM-3
Microporous Membrane Layer
SiC membrane SEM-4
Microscopic Structure Of Membrane


Chemical Composition 99% SiC
Membrane Structure Non-symmetrical distribution
Porosity % >45

Hardness Vickers kg/mm2

Temerature range ℃ <800
Thermal Expansion 20 – 1000°C, 10-6 K-1 4.6
PH Range 0-14
TMP bar 3-10


Membranes pore sizes
40 nm 100 nm 500 nm 1000 nm 3000nm
Customized pore sizes may be produced upon request
Outer diameter (mm) Channel diameter (mm) Channels (number) Filtration area (m2/m) Length (mm)
12 8 1 0.025 up to 1200
25.4 6 7 0.132 up to 1116
30 4 19 0.238 up to 1016
40 6 19 0.358 up to 1200
40 4 39 0.490 up to 1200
118 4 331 4.157 up to 1200

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