Silicon nitride is an important structural ceramic. It is super hard, resistant to wear and oxidation at high temperatures. Moreover, it has exceptional thermal shock resistance, when it is heated to above 1000 ° C in the air, and rapidly cooled and then heated rapidly without breaking. Because of the excellent characteristics of silicon nitride ceramics, it is often used to manufacture mechanical components such as bearings, gas turbine blades, mechanical seal rings, and permanent molds.


  • Superior thermal shock resistance
  • High mechanical fatigue & creep resistance
  • High tensile strength at high temperature
  • Good chemical corrosion resistance
  • Good electrical insulation
  • High fracture toughness


  • Thermocouple sheaths & tubes
  • Ball & rollers
  • Semiconductor Process Equipment
  • Metal tube forming rolls and dies
  • Induction heating coil supports
  • Engine components
  • Valves, seals

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