Our high performance Si3N4 beads are formulated by high purity, ultra fine silicon nitride powders. The hardness, compressive strength and modulus of elasticity of silicon nitride are much higher than those of zirconia ceramic, and are more suitable for high-energy ball milling equipment such as sand mills, vibrating mills and planetary mills. The wear of Si3N4 beads and contamination of abrasive materials are less than zirconia beads, alumina beads, etc.


  • Perfect roundness and extremely smooth beads surface
  • High chemical resistance, can be used in wet grinding and dispersing applications
  • Compacted and homogeneous¬†microstructure


  • The abrasion of grinding is mainly silica, which can be applied to biopharmaceuticals and other industries.
  • In the battery material industry, the wear outcomes of silicon nitride are free silicon and silicon dioxide, which have a positive effect on improving the performance of battery materials.

Typical Chemical Composition

Chemical TC-SN90
S3N4 % 90


Specific Gravity g/cm3 >3.2
Hardness Vickers HV 1700-1800
Flexure Strength MPa >700
Fracture Toughness


Modulus of Elasticity




0.1mm-3mm are available

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