Alumina With Low-k Dielectric


The existing low dielectric constant products are mostly organic materials or some low temperature inorganic materials. The dielectric constant of these materials is not adjustable and they are not applicable for such as 1500℃ high temperature environment.

Tec-AluLKTM is made of pure aluminum oxide without Si, Fe and Na and coated with 1-2mm thickness inorganic material in order to prevent the changing of dielectric constant due to moisture absorption in a humid environment. After sintering, the components surface is smooth.


  • Low dielectric constant
  • Stable dielectric constant
  • Adjustable dielectric constant
  • High strength
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Light weight
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Good mechanical impact resistance


Dielectric constant 2.5-5 (Make on demand )
Dielectric Loss Tangent 1×10-3~1×10-4
Flexure strength 70-300 MPa
Continuous working temp <1800℃
Thermal conductivity 0.9~24W/m.k

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