Ceramic Friction Discs

Ceramic Friction Discs For Texturing

On a large texturing machine, the false twister is like the human heart, while those small ceramic friction discs are the “heart” of the “heart”. Their quality directly affects the DTY, so the selection of ceramic friction discs is crucial. The quality of the ceramic friction discs depends on two major factors: one is the material, and the other is the machining accuracy.

Tech Ceramic uses 99.5% alumina powder with microcrystalline structure as raw material, sintered to a fine crystal dense structure to insure the toughness, hardness and strength of discs. The grain size is adjustable to make sure ceramic discs are suitable to different yarn sizes.

To ensure the dimensional accuracy and the friction coefficient requirements of the disc surface, we have improved our manufacturing process continuously, each of our ceramic friction discs are in uniform size, quality and surface.

Through a variety of advanced surface treatment technology, the force of friction of our discs is most appropriate, and at the same time “soften” the surface, greatly reduced the damage to the thread and the accumulation of “snow”.


  • Good dynamic performance against high temperature, suitable friction performance, wear resistance and antistatic performance under extremely high yarn speed conditions
  • Suitable for both PET and Nylon filaments
  • Consistent yarn quality
  • With improved disc surface, reduce the amount of fiber abrasion significantly, very similar performance to PU discs
  • Easy start-up of disc units, no yarn jumping at high yarn speed
  • Extremely low accumulation of abrasion particles, especially when using TecsoftTM


  • Working discs

  • Knife discs

  • Guide discs

  • Other parts for the texturing process

Surface Treatment

Standard surface treatment

Soften surface treatment TecsoftTM

Diamond finish guide disc

Low friction treatment for guide disc

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