Zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA) grinding bead is a combination of zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide, sintered at high temperature, ZTA grinding beads feature high strength, fracture toughness, elasticity, hardness, and wear resistance. A common combination of zirconia toughened alumina is 10-20% zirconium oxide and rest aluminum oxide.  The 20-30% increase in strength often meets the design criteria needed at a much lower cost. Depending on the percentage of zirconium oxide, the properties of our beads can be manipulated for the applications required.


  • Compared to alumina beads, the microstructure of ZTA beads are more compact
  • At least 2 times better wear resistance performance than high alumina grinding media
  • Good performance-price ratio, greatly reduce production costs, and increase grinding efficiency


  • non-metal mining such as Kaolin, CaCO3 and silica
  • Paint, printing ink, pigment etc
  • Metal mining such as gold, copper and zinc & lead etc.
  • Powder such as titanium pigment, alumina powder, zircon sand, silicon powder

Typical Chemical Composition

Chemical TC-ZTA15
Al2O3 % 80
ZrO2 % 15

Customized composition or density is available according to clients' equipment,


Specific Gravity >3.2 g/cm3
Bulk Density >2.1 g/cm3
Hardness Mohs 8
Crushing Strength 700N(2mm)


Item Size (mm) Item Size (mm) Item Size (mm)
TC-ZTA15-0.4 0.4-0.6 TC-ZTA15-1.8 1.8-2.0 TC-ZTA15-3.2 3.2-3.4
TC-ZTA15-0.6 0.6-0.8 TC-ZTA15-2.0 2.0-2.2 TC-ZTA15-3.6 3.6-3.8
TC-ZTA15-0.8 0.8-1.0 TC-ZTA15-2.2 2.2-2.4 TC-ZTA15-4.0 4.0-4.2
TC-ZTA15-1.0 1.0-1.2 TC-ZTA15-2.4 2.4-2.6 TC-ZTA15-4.6 4.6-4.8
TC-ZTA15-1.4 1.4-1.6 TC-ZTA15-2.6 2.6-2.8 TC-ZTA15-5.0 5.0-5.2
TC-ZTA15-1.6 1.6-1.8 TC-ZTA15-2.8 2.8-3.0 TC-ZTA15-5.4 5.4-5.6

*ZTA grinding balls are available per request

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