TC-T rod is Aluminium oxide combined with titanium oxide thermal spray rod which can deliver coatings against thermal shock and mechanical friction.

Coating Properties

  • With increasing TiO2 content, the conductivity increases
  • Good Thermal Shock Resistance

Available Sizes

Dia. 6.35 mm x 600 mm Length


  • Plate Cylinder
  • Screw shaft
  • Sleeve shafts
  • Thermo-couples jackets
  • Pump shafts

Typical Chemical Composition

Type 1 – Al2O3 87%, TiO2 13%

Type 2 – Al2O3 60%, TiO2 40%

Type 3 – Al2O3 50%, TiO2 50%

Other composition is available as per request


100 rods in one tube, and 3 tubes in one cardboard box

Coating Features

Color: Light Green

Bond Strength: 4100 PSI

Hardness: 1000HV-1200HV

Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 6.3*10-6 (21-1090℃)

Thermal Conductivity (W/m*K): 2.8 (540-1090℃)

Acid Resistance: Good

Thermal Shock Resistance: Good

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