TC-CZ rod is calcium zirconate thermal spray rod which can deliver dense coatings to protect your workpiece against high temperature and thermal shock.

Coating Properties

  • Good Resistance To High Temperature
  • Good Resistance To Molten Metal Corrosion
  • Good Resistance To Thermal Shock

Available Sizes

Dia. 6.35 mm x 600 mm Length

Dia. 4.75 mm x 600 mm Length


  • Gas turbine blades, continuous casting molds, blast furnace tuyere, slag nozzles, melting crucible

Typical Chemical Composition

ZrO2 73.25
CaO 25.21
SiO2 0.28
Other Oxides Bal.


100 rods in one tube, and 3 tubes in one cardboard box

Coating Features

Acid Resistance: Very Good

Thermal Shock Resistance: Very Good

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