TC-C rod is chromium oxide based thermal spray rod which deliver excellent abrasion and corrosion resistant coatings to protect your workpiece against mechanical wear caused by abrasion, particle erosion.

Coating Properties

  • Good resistance to mechanical friction
  • Very good abrasion resistance

Available Sizes

Dia. 4.75 mm x 600 mm Length
Dia. 6.35 mm x 600 mm Length


Petrochemical Industry & Paper Industry

  • Pump sleeves
  • Pump shafts
  • Pump impellers
  • Pump castings
  • Pump end plates
  • Ball valves

Wire Industry

  • Wire drawing capstans
  • Wire drawing blocks
  • Wire sheaves
  • Wire guides
  • Wire pulleys

Textile Industry

  • Heater plates
  • Thread guides
  • Draw rolls
  • Thread wheels

Typical Chemical Composition

Cr2O3 91.01
SiO2 5.57
AlO2 3.06



100 rods in one tube, and 3 tubes in one cardboard box

Coating Features

Color: Grey

Bond Strength: 4545 PSI

Hardness: 1000HV-1200HV

Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 5.8*10-6 (21-1090℃)

Thermal Conductivity (W/m*K): 2.6 (540-1090℃)

Acid Resistance: Good

Thermal Shock Resistance: Not Good

Alkali Resistance: Good

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