TC-ZS rod is zirconium silicate thermal spray rod which can deliver dense coatings to protect your workpiece against sour corrosion, solid particle erosion and thermal shock.

Coating Properties

  • Good Resistance To Acid Corrosion
  • Good Resistance To Solid Particle Erosion
  • Good Resistance To Molten Metal Corrosion
  • Good Resistance To Thermal Shock

Available Sizes

Dia. 6.35 mm x 600 mm Length

Dia. 4.75 mm x 600 mm Length


  • In the glass industry, ZrSiO4 coatings can greatly extend the life span of the mixer and feeder
  • ZrSiO4 is an example of a promising choice for use as an EBC because of its excellent high-temperature properties

Typical Chemical Composition

ZrO2 57.81
SiO2 39.50
Al2O3 0.95
Other Oxides 1.74


100 rods in one tube, and 3 tubes in one cardboard box

Coating Features

Acid Resistance: Very Good

Thermal Shock Resistance: Very Good

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