Polycrystalline Alumina Brackets

OEM Manufacturer of Ceramic Dental Braces

At present, the ceramic brackets are mainly made of alumina and zirconia. Alumina ceramic brackets can be differed by monocrystalline alumina and polycrystalline alumina according to different manufacturing processes. Since the polycrystalline translucent alumina has a simpler manufacturing process, more transparent, and has better aesthetic characteristics, is currently widely used.

There are two failures of ceramic brackets in the market, one is the low strength which may cause the broken of brace wing; another is rough surface, which can lead to plaque aggregation and pigmentation. To overcome these failures, we use ultra fine polycrystalline alumina powders, grain size from 0.1μm to 0.3μm, which make the slot much more smooth, and the friction is reduced. Besides alumina brackets are fabricated by ceramic injection molding (CIM). This process creates smooth, rounded corners which can reduce binding and notching at the bracket slot corners.


  • High strength
  • Low friction
  • Resistant to cracking, fracturing and slot-wear
  • OEM available, choose the grain size you need


Purity Al2O3 % >99.9
Color Translucent
Crystal Polycrystalline
Average grain size μm 0.3-5
Three-point flexural strength MPa 400-800

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