A titania coating is a smooth and dense coating with a specific ductility. The combination with TiO2 is common and has been discussed. Other combinations (45-60% Cr2O3) are used as well.


  • Average abrasion resistance
  • Soluble in bases and H2SO4 but resistant in many other media
  • Electrical conductive.


  • Mandrels in dry battery production
  • Scratch resistant design coatings
Powder Name Chemistry &Manufacture Particle Size Characteristics



TiO2 99

Fused & Crushed

-90/11 μm
  • Coating formed has a medium wear resistance and relatively low hardness
  • It has stability to solutions other than acid-base solutions and doesn’t accumulate static electricity with no surface static charge
  • Recommended to produce sputter targets, decorative coatings, mandrels, oxygen sensors and biomedical implants
  • Service temp. up to 540°C (1,000°F)

Powder Name Chemistry &Manufacture Particle Size Characteristics



TiO2-Cr2O3 55/45


-125/11 μm
  • With good resistance to wear, heat and erosion, it is hard with high fracture toughness, and with low frictional coefficient
  • For sucker rod couplings, dry cell batter mandrels, cylinder bores, doctor blades and machine tool chip breakers
  • Service temp. up to 540°C (1,000°F)

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