Translucent Alumina Tube


Tech Ceramic translucent tubes are made from 99.99% polycrystalline alumina and sintered at high temperature (1800°C-1900°C) under reducing condition. Translucent envelopes or tubes are used for high pressure sodium lamps. It has stable chemical property, high mechanical strength and exhibits excellent electrical and thermal characteristics.

Arc Tubes For HPS Lamp

Tech Ceramic provides different type of arc tubes for high pressure sodium lamps (HPS lamp) such as niobium tube series and niobium wire series. ln addition to the tube itself, end caps and plugs used insealing the electrodes are also available.

High pressure sodium lamps (HPS lamp) are in high demand as an energy efficient light source mostly used for street lighting as well as industrial use.

Arc Tubes For CMH Lamp

These tubes exhibit high durability in metal halide vapor. Ceramic metal halide lamp (CMH lamp) has many advantages such as excellent color rendering, high color stability and light color consistency, high light efficiency and long life.


Color Translucent White
Crystal Polycrystalline
Average Grain Size μm <30
Al2O3 % 99.99
Bulk Density g/cm3 3.99
Water Absorptlon 0.0
Flexural Strength MPa >350
Dielectric Constant 9-10.5
Volume Resistivity Ω•cm >4×1012
Total Ligth Transmittance % >96

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