Ceramic foams are a high porosity cellular structure of open-cell or closed-cell foam and are lightweight, high strength, low thermal conductivity materials. Ceramic foams can be manufactured in a high variability of pore sizes, pore size distribution and amounts of open and closed porosity.


  • Separation & filtration (i.e. dedusting, diesel particulate filtration, filtration of metal liquids),
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Chemical and thermal process engineering (i.e. catalyst supports, porous burners)
  • Medical technology (e.g. bone substitution materials)
  • Lightweight constructions.


Tech Ceramic is dedicated in the following:

  • Alumina
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Zirconia

In which SiC foam is the most important and widely used ceramic foam.

Ceramic Foam Products

Ceramic Foam Filters

Cellular ceramics like ceramic foam fillers are characterized by their high pore volumes and available open porosity. With these properties, ceramic foam fillers are predestined as excellent depth filters, tube fillers which are needed for filtration of molten metal.

silicon carbide foam for burners
Silicon Carbide Foam

High Strength Silicon Carbide Foam

This is a patented silicon carbide foam (TecFillTM) which has extremely higher compressive strength and flexural strength than normal-process-made silicon carbide foam for filtration applications. Due to its high thermal and chemical resistance, TecFillTM is perfectly suitable for burner, ceramic foam inserts, ceramic catalyst support and other applications.

silicon carbide foam catalyst support 300×300
SiC Foam Catalyst Support

Silicon Carbide Foam Catalyst Supports

Tech Ceramic is able to offer ceramic catalyst supports made from TecFillTM(Silicon Carbide Foam), whose foam structure is coated selected adsorbents or catalytically active materials.

silicon carbide foam used as heating transfer materials
SiC Foam For Heat Exchanger

Silicon Carbide Foam For Heat Exchanger

Tech Ceramic is able to offer heating exchange materials made from TecFillTM(Silicon Carbide Foam), which can make heat exchanger more smaller, lighter, efficient and durable.

Corrugated Structured Packing 300-300
SiC Foam Corrugated Structured Packing

SiC Foam Corrugated Structured Packing

Tech Ceramic can make TecFillTM(Silicon Carbide Foam) into corrugated sheet (SiC Foam Corrugated Sheet) which can be made into a new type of structured packing, It can be widely used in oil refining, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, air separation, trichloro silicone purification, coal chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy and other industries.

Silicon Carbide Foam Lined Pipefittings
SiC Foam-EP Composites Pipefittings

SiC Foam-EP Composites Pipefittings

Silicon carbide foam/epoxy resin composites pipefittings developed by Tech Ceramic are totally different from normal ceramic lined pipefittings, inside of the pipefittings, there are three inlays from the inside out which are compact silicon carbide ceramic layer, silicon carbide foam-resin composites structure, epoxy resin layer and then is metal wall.

Co-continuous Cu-SiC composites For Braking Disc 300-300
Co-continuous Cu-SiC composites For Braking Disc

Co-continuous Cu/SiC Foam Composites For Braking Disc

Co-continuous Cu/SiC Foam Composite is a metal matrix ceramic composite which is a promising candidate for automotive, airplane, high speed train and heavy lifting equipment applications since it is able to offer high specific stiffness and extremely high strength, very good wear resistance and suitable thermal properties, furthermore, they are readily available at reasonable prices and can be processed using conventional technologies.

Cast Steel-SiC Composites made grinding roller
Co-continuous Cast Steel/SiC Composites Made Grinding Roller

Co-continuous Cast Steel/SiC Composites Made Grinding Roller

Co-continuous Cast Steel/SiC Foam Composite is a metal matrix composite which is used as wear resistance materials. Tech Ceramic utilizes casting technology to insert the cast steel/SiC foam composites into the high tenacity metal frameworks with multi-scale composite structure.

Ceramic Foam Burner

Ceramic foam burner is composed by ceramic foam and rugged metallic frame which can be fabricated to any form, and thanks for our technology we can make ceramic foam to any form too.  So porous ceramic burners can be designed to comply with customer requirements and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

alumina foam material for high temperature insulation
Alumina Ceramic Foam Insulation

High Purity Alumina Ceramic Foam Insulation

Alumina ceramic foam contains more than 99.6% Al2O3, with closed cellular structure features its low density, high strength and excellent thermal shock resistance, giving its an important role in high temperature (1800℃) insulation applications. Can be made into special shapes according to customers’ requirements to reduce the number of bricks and mortar joints.