Zirconia thermocouple protection tubes are made from fully stabilised yttria zirconia. Tech Ceramic zirconia thermocouple protection tubes offer corrosion and chemical resistance at higher temperatures. The zirconia tube does not react with the inert gas, thereby avoiding the contact between the ceramic tube and the gas, and effectively improving the service life of the thermocouple.


Composition 14wt%Y2O3+86wt%ZrO2
Crystal Structure tetragonal phase(1100℃) Hexagonal phase(Higher temp)
Bulk Density g/cm3 6.04
Flexural Strength MPa 200-300
Compressive Strength MPa 1500-1800
Coeff of Thermal Exp (1000°C) 11x10-6
Thermal Conductivity (1200°C) W/m°K 2
Max Working Temp ℃ 2200
Hardness HV 1000


  • Ingot furnace and corrosive gas furnace

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